Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan

Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan:Zike Saga

Prologue: Desert Wasteland, not a single life form in sight, not even the slightest
Coyote or Cactus. The only sound around is the wind, then BOOM! A loud bright flash of
light and a blue Time Machine appears in the open. A digital screen from inside flashes the words
"Destination reached" appear upon it, an unknown voice is heard. Mysterious Voice:"Finally!"
the person the voice came from, jumps out, he has long red hair and the same eyes as Xero.
Mysterious figure:" Now to find my brother"

We join our heroes a day later in world Tenkaichi Budokai match. Announcer:" The 3rd match
will be Gohan vs Yoki! I have just heard news folks that Mr.Satan will not be
competing in the Tournament, he is not feeling very well! Now let the match Begin!!!"
Gohan starts his fight, his apponent is a short Namekian with a cape on. Gohan runs in with all
his speed, throws a punch, Yoki catches the punch and goes for a kick. Gohan cathches the
kick with his other hand, and the hand Yoki is holding lights up with a Ki blast. Yoki is
knocked back falling to the surfice of the ring. Announcer:" ONE! TWO!..." Yoki Struggles
to stand, Announcer:" FOUR! FIVE!" Yoki gets up. Announcer:" And the match continues!"
right as Yoki gets fully up and ready, Gohan runs towards him, Gohan:" Ha!!!(rams into Yoki)
Hyaah!!!" Yoki flies back and lands face first outside of the ring. Announcer:" and the
winner is...Son Gohan!!!" Announcer:" I shall give a short brake before the next fight"
Xero runs out toward Gohan, smiling. Xero:" Awesome you won!" Gohan:" Yep! I hope you win
your match" Announcer:" Now if everyone will take your seats we will start the 2nd match,
Now will be Tetsuro Okato vs Xero!" They approach the ring, and get in thier fighting stances,
Gohan:" Yeah! Go Xero!" Xero's apponent, Tetsuro, is a tall, very muscular, guy who had won
the tournament from last year. Announcer:" It is time to begin the 4th match of the
Tenkaichi Budokai, Let the Match Begin" Xero kicks Tetsuro in the face, Tetsuro is barely fased,
he grabs Xero by his head and throws him to the surface of the ring. Xero struggles to stand
Announcer:" ONE! TWO! THREE!" Xero gets up. Announcer:" The match continues!" Tetsuro throws
a punch, but Xero catches it, he twist Tetsuro's wrist, Tetsuro:" AH!!!" Xero then punches
Tetsuro in the stomach, kicks him in the face, lifts him up and throws him head first into
the ground. Tetsuro layed there not moving, Announcer:" ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX!
SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! OUT!!! Winner is Xero!" People walk out and lift Tetsuro on to a
bed with wheels, they take inside for medical help" Later... Announcer:" Now will Octo-Man
and Gohan please enter the ring" Inside... We see a man in a mask that covers his mouth, the
guy called Octo-Man is about to walk out to get to the ring when he is shot in the back with
a Ki blast by the man in the mask, Masked Man:" He should be ok in an hour, now to get in
the Tounament" he walks outside over to the Announcer, Masked Man:" Hey Octo-Man said he
left something at home, so he had to go, I'll be taking his place" Announcer:" Alright and
your name is?" Masked Man:" Just call me the Masked Warrior" Announcer:" I have just recieved
news that Octo-Man had to go home, so The Masked Warrior will take his place" He approaches
the ring, where Gohan already is, Gohan examines him, Gohan(Thinking):" Woah! He has the
same eyes as Xero" Announcer:" Let the Match Begin!" Gohan flies at him with full force, the
Masked Man catches him by the head and throws him on the ground, Gohan stands back up and
begins repeatedly shooting blast at the warrior. The Masked man blocks every single one of
them, Gohan:" KA-ME-HA-ME" Masked Man:" What?!?" Gohan:" HA!!!" the huge Ki blast releases
from the hands of Gohan and The Masked Man Blocks it with his own hands. The blast stops,
and Gohan is surprised to see the man is still able to stand, The Masked Man runs up kicks
Gohan in the Stomach and then punches him in the face, and then kicks him in the throat,
causing him to get sent out of the ring. Announcer:" Ring Out!Now if you will be patient,
The final match Between Xero and The Masked Warrior will begin shortly!" Gohan:" Xero I lost"
Xero:" it's alright Gohan, you did your best, and he looks tough" Gohan:" yeah he is, you
better be prepared" Xero:" I will be" Gohan:" Oh! And one more thing, I noticed that he has
the same--" He is interupted by the Announcer, Announcer:" Now will Xero and The Masked Warrior
please enter the ring" Xero:" Gotta go! It's my match, you can tell me later" He then walks
off to the ring. They both stand across from eachother, Xero(Thinking):" It's wierd I feel
like I know this guy" Announcer:" Let the Match Begin!" Xero flies up at The Masked Man and
punches his face several times, but there is no affect what so ever. The Masked Man grabs
Xero's hand and twist it, Xero:" AH!" The Masked Man slams Xero head first into the ring.
Blood trickles down Xero's face, Xero hops up and kicks the man in the side, he is only
hurt a bit, he grabs a hold of Xero's leg and crushes it with his elbow. Xero:" AH!!!"
Masked Man:" Hello Xero!" Xero:" How do you know me?"  he then takes off the mask covering
his face, Xero:" Zin?" Zin:" Yes it's me brother, our time is in danger, we need you"
Xero:" What's happened since I've been gone?" Zin:" Our city is being terrorized by an evil
clone of Goku, everybody except Me, Piccolo,and Tai(Piccolo's Offspring) have died"
Xero:" That's terrible" Zin:" Will you help us?" Xero:" sure, but I think we should finish
the match" Zin:" I can take care of that...Announcer I forfeit the match!"
Announcer:" really? Alright, it seems The Masked Warrior a.k.a Zin has forfeit the match,
so the victor is Xero" Later...Xero and Zin walk outside of the Tournament and Gohan follows
Gohan:" Xero, what's going on?" Xero:" Oh Gohan, here meet my Brother, Zin" Zin:" the time
we come from your a legendary Hero" Gohan:" Nice to meet you" Xero:" Zin is Gohan allowed
to come with us?" Zin:" Sure we'll need all the help we can get, alright no time to lose
let's get in the time machine and go!" Xero:" Okay" They all get in the time machine and
head out, to the future. Then suddenly a Zap of light reveals the time machine, they all get
out, Zin:" Alright follow me!" he floats up into the air and flies off, Gohan and Xero
follow. Zin takes Gohan and Xero to a place that looks like a small club house, Gohan:"
This is it? Don't you think it's a little small" Zin:" No, go ahead inside" Gohan walks into
the club house, only to be greeted by a large gaping hole in the ground, Gohan falls, Gohan:"AH!"
he lands on top of a table where the future Z warriors are playing cards. Gohan:" Hey, why
didn't you tell me, there was a hole there" Zin:" just for laughs" Piccolo:" Gohan?!?"
Gohan:" Hey Piccolo!" Piccolo:" What are you doing here?" Zin:" I brought him for extra help
seems that Xero ran into him in the past, and they have been training to protect the earth,
that's why he's been gone,all this time" Piccolo:" Good thinking" Tai:" Wow! You're Gohan?"
Gohan:" Uh Huh! Who are you?" Piccolo:" Gohan, this is my son, Tai" Gohan:" Nice to meet you,
Uh? is that real hair" Piccolo:" No. it's a pathetic attempt at Tai trying to fit in"
Tai:" Father!" Piccolo:" Save your whining" Xero:" Glad, you're all getting along, but Gohan
can you get off the table?" Gohan:" Oh Yeah! Sure" Gohan gets up and looks around, notices how
big the place really is. Gohan:" Wow! This is great!" Zin:" Yup! You can stay in that room over
there" Gohan:" Thanks!" Gohan looks around some more.
Later, That night... Zin:" and then Goku shot a Kamehameha at Zike, but it didn't even phase him,
Zike then shot an energy beam out of his hand and it knock Goku out, Cold, Zike ran up and
started punching Goku's body like a punching bag,and with one last blow, Goku was gone, out,
Dead" Gohan:" Haven't you tried the Dragonballs?" Zin:" we already wished him back, we tried but
failed" Gohan:" What about Porunga, and the Namekian Dragonballs" Zin:" We were going to, but
once Zike figured out our plans, he destroyed Namek" Gohan:" Why didn't he use the Dragonballs
for himself?" Zin:" He said he was far to powerful to even need Immortality,and said he had no
use for them" Gohan:" What a Monster!"
The Next Day, they all sit around waiting for danger to occur, when a loud explosion is heard, Zin:" that's our que!"Zin, Gohan, Piccolo, Tai and Xero head out, they see 3 beings firing at and destroying buildings, Gohan:" Who are they?"Zin:" I don't know" they approach them, Xero:" Who are you?"  Being 1:" Juice!" he gets in a wierd pose, Being 2:" Watre!" he forms a pose too, Being 3:" Sodah!" he also makes a pose, Juice:" And together we are...." All 3:" THE THIRST THREE!" Xero:" What the....?" Gohan:" You guys remind me of the Ginyu Force!"Juice:" Ginyu Force?" Gohan:" Never mind" Zin:" we don't have time for you losers, we're looking for someone else" Watre:" Well you'll never find him, because Master Zike said if we ran into you, to kill you!" Tai:" You mean you guys work for Zike?" Sodah:" Yep" Piccolo:" Lets finish this quick!" Xero:" I couldn't have said it better Piccolo" Juice:" Me first!" Juice flies towards Zin and punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground, Xero:" ZIN!" he gets back up, Zin:" I'm alright"Juice smiles. Zin:" Xero we can take on the leader, Gohan and Tai, you take the blue one, and Piccolo take the last one" Gohan:" Got it!" They go to fight, Juice:" Hold on!  We like to do this right, one on one, and each match one at a time" Zin:" Fine! Okay I'll fight the leader, Gohan you can take the blue guy..." Zin is interupted, Tai:" I wanted to fight him!" Piccolo:" Tai, Stop Complaining!" Tai:" Fine" Zin:" and Piccolo you take the last one" Xero:" So what do Tai and I do?" Zin:" If I or Gohan are defeated, Xero you jump in, and if Piccolo is defeated, Tai jumps in, Got it?" Xero & Tai:" Got it!" Zin and Juice start thier battle, Zin:" I'll make this quick and painful for ya' alright?" Juice:" Ha! Try me!"  Zin:" AH!!!" He becomes a Super Neo Saiyan, he charges toward Juice and kicks him in the face knocking him to the ground, Zin:" Your not even worth my time!" Tai:" Zin reminds me so much of his teacher" Gohan:" Who was his teacher?" Xero:" Vegeta" Gohan:" Figures he sure has the same attitude as Vegeta" Juice gets up, Juice:" You Bastard" he starts waving his arms around in front of his face, Juice:" Powers I summon thee!" Piccolo:" What the Hell?" All of the sudden Juice is glowing and seperates into 3 beings, Being 1 is red Being 2 is orange and Being 3 is purple. Being 1:" I am Apple!" Being 2:" I am Orange!" Being 3:" I am Grape!" Gohan:" Okay, this is officially wierd!" Xero:" Agreed" Juice:" Now take on 3 at a time" Zin:" Wait, you said the rule was 1 on 1?!?" Juice:" I made the rules I can alter them since all 4 of us are the same person it still counts as 1 on 1" Tai:" Damn Cheater!" Juice:" Now Juices Attack!!!" they all charge in and fight Zin. Zin takes them on, he punches Apple knocking him back and crashing into a building, once he hits the mountain he reverts to Apple juice. Orange attacks Zin, he shoots energy waves out of his palms, Zin deflects all of them, then shoots a blast at Orange's face he falls to the ground and reverts to orange juice. Grape charges toward Zin and kicks him, Zin catches Grape's leg and throws him into buiding he reverts to Grape juice. Zin:" Wow, that was easy!" Juice:" Shut Up!" He flies at Zin and starts punching as fast as he can, Zin blocks everyone of them. Zin:" You're gonna have to do better than that!" Juice puts his hands together, Juice:" Galaxy Squeeze!" His hands become golden and giant they take a hold of Zin squeeze him and throw him to the ground, Juice's hands convert back to normal. Juice:" Hee Hee Hee!" Zin stands back up, Zin:" Final..." Juice:" This power no way!" Zin:" Flash!!!" the blast soars from Zin's hands and hit Juice, after the smoke disappears Juice is on the ground defeated he reverts to liquid.Gohan:" Yeah! Go Zin!" Zin reverts to normal, Watre:" Juice is a fool, but I will not be so foolish!" Zin:" Gohan! This is your fight!" Gohan:" Okay!" Gohan approaches Watre. Watre:" This is my opponent? A kid? Ha Ha Ha!" Gohan:" You don't look so tough! Lets Get started!" Gohan Starts to power up, Gohan:" Ah!!!" Watre:" Huh?" Gohan:" Ah!!!" Watre:" It can't be this power is incredible!" Gohan:" AH!!!" He becomes a Super Saiyan 2, Gohan:" I'm ready" Watre:" I'm not scared of you! A change in power is no bother! Watch this!" Watre does wierd hand movements, Watre:" Woo! Wo!" Tai:" Are all these guys wierdos?"Watre:" Water Slice!" He does a karate chop in the air and water is shot at Gohan affecting him a little. Watre:" Water Splash!"He jerks his arms forward and a big splash of water hits Gohan, Watre:" Water Wave!" He waves his arms and a wave of water attacks Gohan, causing him to fall down, he is bleeding. Xero:" Gohan!" Watre:" Ha Ha Ha!"  Gohan gets up and punches Watre but his hand passes through because he's made of liquid. Gohan(thinking):" I've got an idea" Gohan back flips a couple of times gets in a kamehameha position, Gohan:" Kame! Hame!..."  Xero:" Yeah, do it Gohan!" Gohan:" Ha!!!" He releases it. Watre:" What?!?!" It hits Watre and he starts to evaporate, Watre:" NO!!!" Gohan reverts to normal. Tai:" That was great!" Sodah walks up, Sodah:" They may have been defeated, but I will not share thier failure!" Tai:" Go get him Dad!" Piccolo approaches, Sodah:" So I have to fight the Namekian? This should be fairly easy! And like the others I geuss I'll show my special power as well to get things started!" Sodah bends down and touches his toes, then starts punching his fists together, he slaps his face twice and snaps, in a puff of smoke, he becomes a soda bottle. Gohan:" Huh?" Piccolo:" I don't have time to play around!" Piccolo shoots an energy wave, the soda bottle shakes, opens up, and sprays soda at piccolo stopping the blast. Piccolo:" Damn it!" His hand glows, he charges at the bottle and stabs it with his hand, he pulls his hand out and a huge hole in the side releases a huge wave of soda everywhere, Sodah is defeated. Piccolo:" Piece of cake!" All of the sudden Zike flys down, Zike:" I see you have defeated my warriors, But do you have what it takes to get through me?" Piccolo attacks, Zike catches Piccolo's fist and throws him, then releases a huge blast defeating Piccolo. Tai:" DAD!!!" Gohan:" PICCOLO!!!" Tai:" You Bastard!" He charges at Zike and kicks him in the face, but Zike is unphased, Tai unleashes a series of powerful punches to Zike's face, none of them even leave a scratch. Zike grabs Tai by the head and chunks him to the ground, Zin:" AH!!!" Zin punches Zike in the face, he shoots energy waves at Zike, but he is not affected in the slightest. Zike blasts Zin in the face, knocking him into a building, Xero attacks but is also defeated when he is kicked to the face by Zike. Gohan:" XERO!!!" Gohan hits his hand on the ground, tears running down his cheek, Gohan:" Why would you do this, you hurt Piccolo, Tai, Zin, and Xero, they didn't do anything to diserve this, but you still did it, you bastard, you should be ashamed, you should be....ASHAMED!!!" A huge aura o power flows around Gohan,his hair turns golden, he becomes a Super Saiyan 2. Zike:" Ha! Ha! Ha! Silly child no small transformation can hurt me, I'm not one of your weakling friends" Gohan:" They're not weak, you only judge them by if they can beat you or not, well let me tell you , you're not the stronget fighter ever..." he is interupted by Zike. Zike:" What are you blabbering about boy?" Gohan:" Zike, Prepare to meet your match!" Zike:" Ha! Ha! Ha! That's funny, I actually thought you were serious for a second" Gohan:" Kame!" Zike:" You weren't Joking? Alright, it's your funeral" Gohan:" Hame! HA!" Gohan releases the the blast, after it ends, there is a huge puff of smoke that was created from the wave. when the smoke clears, Zike is seen standing with his arms crossed infront of his face, blocking the blast, Zike:" Hey that actually stung a little, I must of misjudged you, but I will assure you that you won't  be defeating me, I've never been defeated" Gohan:" That's not going to change the fact that you're going to die today" Zike:" Oh! Aren't  you a cocky little brat?" Gohan charges in and punches Zike a couple of times, Zike grabs Gohan and throws him, unlike the others, he gets up. Gohan:" Here guys!" he transfers a little of his energy to each one of them, they all get up. Zike:" What?" Gohan:" Come on lets all do our special attacks!" Zin:" Final Flash!" Piccolo & Tai:" Special Beam Cannon!" Xero & Gohan:" Kame Hame Ha!" All of the attacks hit Zike at once, Zike:" NO!!!"Zike is defeated. Gohan reverts to normal, Tai:" We did it!" Zin:" Now that that's over we've got to get you back to your time Gohan" Gohan:" Right!"  They return to Gohan's time, Gohan jumps out, Xero:" Hey Gohan!" Gohan:" yeah?" Xero:" I've been thinking and I think I'm gonna stay with my brother and friends and train until time to return to defeat Tyuring and Jeegun, is that alright?" Gohan:" I'm gonna miss hanging out with you every day but I geuss that's fine, just make sure to return" Xero:" Don't worry I will!" Gohan:" Bye!" Gohan waves and the tiem machine takes off to the future.

The Story will continue in the Next Saga of Dragon Ball Z: The Unknown Adventures of Gohan!