Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan

Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan:Zaiko Saga

Prologue:Gohan and Xero are fighting Oozaru and Vegeta, Xero has just opened a hole to another dimension, a golden blob crawls out of the hole and slither’s off. It arrives at Gohan’s house and crawls under the door, he see’s Chichi and crawls under another door that leads to Goku and Chichi’s room, slithers up a dresser and sees a picture of Goku and Gohan as Super Saiyan, from when they were having a good time before the cell games began. The Blob glows red, the red glow scans the pic of Super Saiyan Goku, a bunch of flashes make the room shake, BOOM!! An explosion happens and when the smoke clears a black haired and black eyed version of Super Saiyan Goku stands, red flashes go around him,Demon:”this planet shall be ruled by me now, I should find the boy who is in this picture with the light form, I scanned, he is the one who defeated Oozaru...Zaiko the ruler of the planet earth, I like the sound of that, Hahaha!!!”then he flies away.

Gohan:” Hey Xero the Dragonball is over there!!!”he says pointing at a rock with a Dragonball on it surrounded by sleeping bears, Xero:” Yeah I see it “ he sneaks up and reaches over carefully, he grabs it and tiptoes away slowly, but when he turns around the bears are awake. Xero:” Uh Oh! RUN!!!” they run as fast as they can away from the bears, Gohan takes out a dino capsule and throws it, POOF!!! It’s a house, they walk inside.Meanwhile Zaiko is flying and in his hand is the picture that he scanned,  Zaiko:” Where is that kid hmm…well I sense two very large power levels coming from that house, I should kill these guys, for training, and then find the kid” he swoops down and throws the picture to the ground, he holds his hands out in front of him and shoots ki blasts out, the door blows open,Gohan:” What? Xero, wake up” Xero:” What do you want?” Gohan:” Look outside the front door and find out” Xero looks over, Xero:” Damn it can we ever get some peace?” they both stand up, Gohan:” Who are you?” Zaiko:” Wait a sec have I met you, wait you’re the kid in this picture(he picks up the picture)your right here, so are you a natural blonde or black?” Gohan:” Where did you get that?” Zaiko:” Well hold on only one question at a time now to answer your first question, I am Zaiko the Evil Demon King, soon to be ruler of this pathetic planet, and as for your second question I got this from a house not too far from here, Gohan:”Ok so why do you look like my dad ?” Zaiko:” well I was in my Demon Slime form and I needed a shape for my body so I scanned your fathers picture and became the shape of him” Gohan:”So how did you get to this planet?” Zaiko:” I was on my planet, when I saw an opening to another dimension I crawled out of it and saw you both fighting Oozaru, I crawled off and went to a house that just happen to be yours” Gohan:” You think you can rule this planet, well think again we just defeated Oozaru, so I think we can take you" Zaiko:”Oozaru is not as strong as I am” Gohan:" What??" Zaiko:” That’s right, now can we get to the fighting?” Gohan:” Okay! AH!!!(flashes Super Saiyan 2) I call this a Super Saiyan 2” Zaiko:”Yes the Super Saiyan 2,on my planet we studied you Saiyans, pathetic transformation compared to my power, Ha Ha” Xero:” and I can do this AH!!!!” Gohan:”Whoa! I don’t remember this transformation” Xero:”AH!!!!!!” Zaiko:”What tremendous power” his muscles get bigger , his hair becomes Silver and Black, his eyes turn completely red, the transformation is done. Xero:” this is what I like to call a Super Neo Saiyan”  Zaiko:" Impressive" Zaiko charges at Xero and punches his face sending him flying back, He falls to the ground. Xero stands up, Xero:” *Huff Huff* Good move but not good enough” he releases a large ki blast at Zaiko, smoke is everywhere, the smoke clears and Zaiko is standing there laughing, Zaiko:” Ha! Ha! Pathetic, and I actually thought you would be a challenge, well I guess that’s my mistake” Gohan:” Hey Xero use the Ma-ru-kun” Xero:” Oh yeah. thanks Gohan”
Zaiko:” Hahaha! You actually think that pathetic Demon seal will work on me?”
Gohan:”What do you mean?” Zaiko:” Hahaha!!! The Ma-ru-kun is not nearly strong enough to seal me up” Xero:” Damn, we might as well just fight him, and hope we win” Xero slashes his sword at Zaiko, he dodges it with his arm and it leaves no scar, Xero slashes 5 more times, but Zaiko dodges all of them, Xero throws one more slash, Zaiko grabs the blade of the sword and throws it back at Xero, it Slices his face and gives him a cut across the face. He screams and falls to the ground, Gohan:” XERO!!!” Gohan flies over to Xero, and lifts him over one shoulder, Gohan:” We’ll be back, Zaiko” he flies away. The next morning Gohan wakes up and sees Xero cooking breakfast, Gohan:” Xero! Your ok!!”
Xero:” Yeah the scar still stings a bit, but not much, lets eat breakfast and go look for the Dragon Balls again, the radar got a reading on one down in the ocean, about 30 minutes ago”
Gohan:”Okay cool” they eat their breakfast and walk outside, Gohan presses a button on the side of the house and it converts back to a capsule, he picks it up and puts it away, they fly away.
They arrive and jump in the ocean, Xero:” The radar says it’s in that direction” he says pointing to the west side of the ocean, they swim toward that direction, while swimming, a blast hits the water, and almost gets Gohan, Xero:” What?” he turns around to see Zaiko floating in the air, Gohan:” Zaiko!” Xero:” Why are you here, Zaiko?” Zaiko:” That Dragon Ball will be mine” Zaiko reaches his hand out and lets out a beam, that hit’s the ground, Demons begin to rise from the ocean floor, and begin to attack Gohan & Xero, Gohan punches one of them in the gut, nothing happens, the Demon starts punching and kicking Gohan very fast, punch after punch, kick after kick, in the stomach, the Demon kicks Gohan’s face, Gohan spits up blood. Xero is fighting 2 at the same time, he’s dodging their attacks, one by one, dodging each kick and punch thrown at him, one of them kicks the Dragon Radar, and it breaks. He slices their heads off with his sword, the heads sink under water, thinking the Demons our killed, Xero puts his guard down, but as he is about to get out of the water to help Gohan, the Demon's heads grow back, Xero:” They can regenerate?” he thinks of the Ma-Ru-Kun, he sticks his sword out and yells, Xero:” MA-RU-KUN!!!” a beam of light shoots out of his sword, and a portal to another dimension opens up, another beam rises from the sword and pushes all the demons into the portal, the opening seals closed, Xero flies to where Gohan is, he puts his hand on Gohan’s chest and releases some of his energy, Gohan opens his eyes, Gohan:” Thanks Xero!” Xero:”No problem, now come on and get up, we have to get the Dragon Ball before Zaiko” they both dive back into the water. They see the ball, Gohan dives under the water and grabs the Dragon Ball, swims back to the surface, they get out of the water, Gohan puts the Dragon Ball in his pocket, they turn to where Zaiko was standing, he is gone, Gohan:” Alright we should head over to Master Roshi’s house, he lives not to far from here". When they arrive, they land and, walk inside to see Roshi watching women’s aerobics,
Roshi:” That’s right, work it girl’s, a one, and a two, and a one and a two...” Gohan:” Hey Master Roshi, Me & Xero are here!” Roshi:” Yeah, Yeah, hold on, a one, and a two, and a one..”
Xero:” Does he always watch women’s aerobics?” Gohan:” Yep, that’s Master Roshi for ya”
The aerobics on the screen end, Roshi:” Okay so what did you two want?”
Gohan:” Well we were wondering, if we could stay here and train” Roshi:” Well I guess so” Gohan:” Thanks Master Roshi”. The next day, Gohan wakes up and can’t find Xero, Gohan:” Xero! Xero!” he walks outside and sees him laying on the ground, Gohan:” Xero, did you become Urufu again?” Xero:” No I just wanted some fresh air” Gohan sees someone floating in the air, he focuses closely, Gohan:” Huh? Is that Piccolo?” he focuses a little more, it is Piccolo, floating in an indian style position, Gohan:” It is Piccolo!” Xero:” Really, Piccolo?” Goku:” HEY, PICCOLO!” Piccolo opens his eyes and sees Gohan, he flies over to where Gohan is, Piccolo:” Hey Gohan, and... Who is this?” Gohan:” This is Xero, he’s someone from the future, it’s a long story” Piccolo:” So why are you at Master Roshi’s house?” Gohan:” Well, there is this Demon King named Zaiko and we have to train to defeat him" Piccolo:” if you want intense training, that will prepare you, come with me to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber” Gohan:” That's a great idea, come on Xero, lets go tell Roshi", they walk inside and see Roshi sitting on the couch looking at a dirty magazine, he turns the page and blood squirts from his nostrils, Roshi:” Heh heh heh! Woo Hoo Boobies!” he shouts out loud with his hands in the air, Gohan:” Hey Master Roshi, we're gonna go train with Piccolo instead, Okay?” Roshi:” Sure whatever, heh heh” he says, paying more attention to his dirty magazine then to Gohan. Gohan, Xero, and Piccolo head out to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

When they arrive at Kami’s lookout, they see Mr. Popo, Mr. Popo leads them to
the Chamber, Mr. Popo:” Good Luck!” he closes the door, Gohan:” Xero, have you ever been in here before?” Xero:” Yes back when I was being trained by Goku, he said we could get enough training to defeat Oozaru if we came here” Gohan:” Okay So we both have experience” Piccolo:”So the first exercise, you spar with each other", Gohan:” Alright, lets get started” then Gohan punches at Xero but he dodges it, Xero:” Is that all you got” than Gohan starts to get angry and more power flashes around him, Xero notices this and wants him to unleash it all, so he starts to test him by shooting a huge blast to the ground beside him, images of friends getting hit by the blast circle in Gohan's mind,  Xero:” Oh was that your friend, I’m sorry" he shoots another blast, Xero:” Oh was that your mom? Sorry again” Gohan:” AH!!” Xero shoots another, images of people he loves getting killed, and Xero now appeared as Zaiko to him. Xero:” Oh that was your dad wasn’t it? Again sorry!” Gohan:” AHHH!!!!!” Power waves flash around Gohan, his hair flashes up golden, his eyes turn a teal color, he is a Super Saiyan 2,
Gohan unleashes a ton of power, he flies after Xero and kicks him to the ground, Gohan:” KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!!” a huge powerful ki blast shoots from his hands and hits Xero, Gohan flies down to where Xero is and starts punching him with all his might,  he looks at Xero, but sees Xero again and not Zaiko , he is bloody unconscious, Gohan turns back to normal and faints, Piccolo flies in to where they are both lying on the ground, Piccolo:” Damn it Gohan!” he then lifts them both over his shoulders and takes them inside, he lays them both on a bed.

The next morning Gohan wakes up and and looks around, no one else is there with him, he gets up and sees Piccolo and Xero meditating, he runs over to them, and taps onXero’s shoulder, Xero opens his eyes, Gohan begins to speak, Gohan:” Hey! Sorry about yesterday it was an accedent, I couldn't control my anger” Xero:” It’s alright Gohan, I shouldn’t have done that, it made you way too angry",  they begin to train again.

After the Year (A day to everyone else) was over they stepped out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber,
Mr. Popo:” How was it?” Gohan:” it was tough” he says with a smile, they all
fly off, Piccolo leaves to go back to the things he usually does such as meditate and train himself,
Gohan and Xero land on earth, they begin to look for the Dragon Balls again.Zaiko Appears, Zaiko:” Well if it isn’t my best friends” he says with an evil smile on his face, Gohan:”Zaiko, we’ve been training, so it won’t be as easy as last time” Zaiko:” well lets see how strong you really are” Xero:” AH!! ZAIKO!!!” he yells while
releasing a ton of rage & energy, then he becomes a Super Neo Saiyan again. Zaiko:” Ha ha! That
transformation again, I have a new transformation I think you will like” he stars screaming, his muscles bulk up
his eyes turn completely red, horns grow out of his head, his hair gets a red
outline to it, his transformation ends. Xero:” Whoa! Gohan I’m gonna need your help!” Gohan stands up and becomes Super Saiyan 2, Xero& Gohan:” KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!”  beams come from their hands and hit Zaiko, smoke clears and Zaiko is still standing there in that same spot, Xero flies toward Zaiko and punches his
stomach several times, but Zaiko doesn’t even flinch, Zaiko:” Ha! Ha! Pathetic!” Zaiko throws a
fist at Xero, he's knocked to the ground, he stands back up, Xero:” AH!!!!!!” his hair becomes a little longer, his muscles get larger, more rage releases from Xero’s body, he has become a Super Neo Saiyan 2. Xero:” I’ve never had this much power” Zaiko:” Yes it is a lot, but is nothing I can't handle” Xero throws his sword at Zaiko, the sword slices off Zaiko’s arm, he doesn’t scream or anything he just picks up his arm and reconnects it to his body, Xero:” Damn it!” Gohan:” MASENKO HA!!!” the huge Ki blast shoots
out and hits Zaiko, again Zaiko appears to be standing there, without a scar or scratch on
his body, Gohan:” Xero, he’s way too powerful!” Xero:” I know he’s unstoppable”
Gohan:” Wait I have an idea” Gohan holds out one hand and shoots a Ki blast to the sky, the Blast is like a moon shine, Gohan and Xero begin to transform, Gohan to Oozaru and Xero to Urufu, Oozaru & Urufu:” ROAR!!!” Zaiko:” Ha Ha! It’s still nothing I can’t handle” Oozaru pounds Zaiko with one hand, he pulls his hand up, to see Zaiko is not there, Zaiko:” Looking for me?” Oozaru turns around and sees Zaiko Standing there,
Oozaru:” ROAR!!!” he opens his mouth and a blast shoots from it, Zaiko deflects it with his
hand, the hits Oozaru, Urufu shoots a bunch of ki blast out of his hands, the blasts don’t affect Zaiko at all, Urufu punches Zaiko clear across the face, Zaiko does get hurt a little this time, he shoots a beam at Urufu’s
face, he falls to the ground, the blast in the sky fades away, and Gohan + Xero turn
back to normal, Xero is still hurt laying on the hard ground, Zaiko
dodges it by flying up into the air, and shoots a blast that hits Gohan's back, Gohan:” AW!” he
screams in pain, he flies up into the sky, he holds out a fist, his eyes turn red, and his teeth sharpen, the spirit of the Oozaru is within his fist, Gohan lets out a loud roar, he flies right through Zaiko’s stomach, and out his back, he now has a huge hole in his stomach, Gohan lands on the ground, he sees Xero sitting up, he had been watching the whole time, Zaiko falls to the ground, Xero:” To make sure he doesn’t
terrorize this dimension again, I’m gonna seal him with the Ma-Ru-Kun, he should be weak enough
Now, MA-RU-KUN!!!” he yells holding out his sword, the blade flashes with power, and beams
release from it and opens up another dimension, another beam shoots out and lifts up Zaiko,
and throws him into the hole, it closes, Gohan:” well time to head back to Master Roshi’s” Xero:” Ok” they fly away to Master Roshi’s House.

That ends this saga, what will happen in the next saga? Find out next time on Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan!!!