Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan

Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan:Ultimate Android 100 Saga

Prologue: It’s a stormy night, the sounds of old rusty machines fill the air, there is a man with blue skin, and orange hair making a robot, the man has a mustache, and shiny eyes. He presses a button on the robots chest, its eyes Glow with bright lights,
Man:” Yes! Yes! It lives! Ultimate Android 100 is a success! The Android is an exact robotic replica of Vegeta! I    Dr. Myuu have done it! This should kill the warriors who once defeated Dr. Gero, and if that doesn’t work I have another plan, 100 attack them now” Android 100:” Yes Master!”

Its been a couple of months since the defeat of Zaiko, we join Xero and Gohan at the Kame House training roughly, their clothes all ripped up and tattered, all of a sudden Mr. Popo flies down on a flying carpet,         Popo:” Hello Gohan, Master Dende must see you right away” Gohan:” Can Xero come too?” Popo:” sure the more the merrier” they both follow Mr. Popo, when they arrive they see young Dende waiting for them, Gohan:” Hi Dende” Dende:” Hey Gohan” Gohan:” So what's up?” Dende:” well I’m planning to create a new set of Dragon Balls known as the Mystic Dragon Balls, and I wanted you to be here when I do” Gohan:” Okay so lets get to it” they are led into a room where a sculpture of a Black Shenron and Green Dragonballs are, Dende holds his arms out and chants something Namekian, the sculpture grows and becomes bigger, a huge puff of black smoke releases from the green mystic Dragon Balls, Dende:” What's happening?” the Black Dragon’s eyes turn red, Black Dragon:” The evil and negative energy upon this earth will now be released!” Black Dragon:” In 2 years this earth shall be attacked by 2 powerful fighters one by one, their names, Tyuring and Jeegun, these Dragon Balls will be scattered across the earth, only to grant evil and negative wishes, if you find all 7 before 2 years is up, then Tyuring and Jeegun will forever be trapped within the Mystic Dragon Balls, good luck” the Black dragon disappears, and the Mystic Dragon Balls scatter across the earth, but theres one problem the sky is still dark even though the dragon has left, Xero:” We have to find those balls” Gohan:” agreed” Dende:” How could I have been so stupid” Gohan:” Hey Dende its okay we’ll find the Dragon Balls” Dende:” I fail as guardian of the earth” Gohan:” No you don’t every guardian makes mistakes, right Mr. Popo?” Mr. Popo:” Yes it is true, Master Dende” Gohan:” See” Dende:”Okay” Gohan:”We’ll have the Dragon Balls and be back in no time” Xero:”Leave everything to us” Gohan:” Lets go to capsule corp and get a Dragon Radar, then we’ll start our journey” Xero:” Sure” Gohan:” Bye Dende and Mr. Popo” Dende & Popo:” Bye!” Gohan and Xero fly off to capsule corp to get a Dragon Radar.

When they arrive at Capsule Corp. they walk inside, and dodge all people in the halls, they notice Bulma, Gohan:” Hey Bulma!” Bulma:” Hey Gohan! And who is this handsome guy your with” Xero blushes, Xero:”My name is Xero, nice to meet you” Gohan:” Bulma, we need a Dragon Radar, our old one broke” Bulma:” Sure let me go get one” she walks into the room behind her. Gohan, Curious, looks inside a door, next to him, he sees Vegeta training in 100 times normal gravity, he closes the door, Gohan(thinking):” Wow! Vegeta is still training after being taken over by Oozaru?” Bulma comes back with a Dragon Radar in her hand, Bulma:” Here ya go” she throws the radar at Gohan and he catches it, Gohan:” Thanks Bulma”

Later, Gohan:” Hey Xero, we should search tomorrow, its getting late” Xero:” Okay sure” they fly away to Kame House. When they arrive they see Yamcha and Krillin in fighting stances, facing toward Ultimate Android 100, Gohan:” What's going on here?” Yamcha:” Hey Gohan, were going to need some help with this guy”         Gohan:” Okay...but why does he look like a mechanical Vegeta?” Krillin:” Were not sure Gohan, just come and help us” Gohan jumps up and kicks the android in the face, but nothing happens, Gohan:” Who are you?”     100:” My name is Ultimate Android 100, I was built to destroy those who defeated Dr. Gero’s Androids, to avenge him, I am the ultimate android replica of Vegeta, but I am stronger than him, I have all the powers of all of you” Gohan:” Oh really?” he turns Super Saiyan 2, 100:” Fool! I am stronger than a Super Saiyan 2, yes my creator studied you Gohan, and your transformation to Super Saiyan 2, so I am not amused by it” Gohan:” Oh Yeah lets just see about that” he punches 100's jaw, Gohan:” Man I forgot he’s an Android” Xero jumps in with his sword in hand, he stabs the 100 right through its chest, 100 grips on the sword and pulls it out of the wires and mechanics within his chest, and throws the sword into the water, 100:” HA!!!!!!!!” right where the hole in his chest is starts to reconnect, the wires pull back together, and a welding fire from inside his chest welds the hole back to normal, The Warriors are shocked, Xero:” What the Hell?!?” 100 notices 18 and examines her, after finding out she is an Android too, he stares into her eyes, 100’s eyes start glowing red, 18’s eyes become red as well, she attacks The Warriors, Krillin:” What? No! 18 we're your friends!” 100:” Don’t listen to him 18, we are Androids we have no friends” 18 grabs Krillin and throws him through the window of Kame House, Yamcha:” KRILLIN!!!” Yamcha runs up and punches 100, but nothing happens, Yamcha:” WOLF FANG FIST” the attack happens, but 100 is left unharmed, Yamcha:” That’s my best attack” 100 grabs Yamcha by his hair and throws him in the ocean just like he did Xero’s sword, Krillin climbs out, 18 runs up to him, and punches his face, he falls again, 18 chokes him, Krillin:” 18, remember me, don’t let 100 control you, he faints, she realizes what she is doing, 18:” You made me hurt Krillin, you Bastard!” she punches 100 in the face, he still is unharmed, he punches her to the ground, Gohan:” KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!!!” the blast hits him but he absorbs it through his hands, Xero runs toward 100, and throws a punch at his stomach, it doesn’t harm him 100 grabs Xero and throws him into the water, Gohan flies up and punches 100’s face several times at super speed, nothing happens, Gohan:” AH!!!” his eyes turn red and his teeth sharpen, Gohan:” ROAR!!!”  the spirit of Oozaru releases from his body, he punches 100 in the face and it leaves a dent in his cheek, he punches the Android’s stomach, making a hole, the hole seals back again just like before, Gohan throws 50 more fast punches, but 100 deflects each one of them, 100 pushes Gohan back with a Ki energy explosion, all The Warriors are down, 100 thinks he has won, Xero flies up out of the water with his sword and slices 100’s entire body in half, Xero shoots huge ki blasts at the 2 halves, he shoots energy from his own body into Gohan, Krillin, and 18, jumps into the ocean, grabs Yamcha and takes him to the surface, he heals Yamcha too, Gohan:” You did it Xero! You’re a true hero, thanks” Xero:” No problem, we should continue our search for the Mystic Dragonballs, but first lets get some rest” Gohan:” Yeah and something to eat” they all walk inside for a meal and a good nights rest.

The journey will continue in the next saga of Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan!!!