Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan

Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan:Oozaru Saga

(This story takes place between the Cell Games and Great Saiyaman Sagas)

It’s about 3 months since cell was killed by Gohan.
Things have been very different since the death of Goku and Gohan has went back to more studying and less fighting,but Gohan will have to start fighting again with the unexpected challenge that’s coming…

It’s a peaceful day, and Gohan is studying when there's a knock on the front door
He get’s up and answers it, Gohan:”Hello?" a man who looks as if he is an Army General stands in from of Gohan with guards behind him, Man:”Hello I and my guards are here for a man named Son Goku, we need him to come and guard the god Oozaru we have had sealed up for years but now his chamber is soon to break we need him to make sure he does not destroy our city and even more our world so is he here now”
Gohan:”Acctually, he's been dead for a couple months”,Man:”Oh, Well I’m very sorry to here that, then how about a Son Gohan to take his place?” Gohan:”That’s me” Man:”Will you come to save our world from destruction” Gohan:”Hold on one moment please(he walks inside to the kitchen where Chi Chi is)Mom these Men from the Military need me to save the world I’m going with them” Chichi:”OH NO YOUR NOT YOU'RE STAYING HERE AND STUDY!!!”Gohan:”No Mom, I'm Sorry but I have to help them I'm going” Chichi:”Well Gohan it seems there is no talking you out of it just be careful okay?”Gohan:”Alright mom I’ll stay safe don’t worry”,Gohan walks into his room and packs a bag.When he’s done packing he goes outside and gets into the tank that the Men came in, and drive off.Later they arrive at a place completely made of steel but there is no roof, Man:”Guard please show Gohan around" they walk inside, Guard:”This is where you will be staying” Gohan look’s around there's a bed, a bathroom, and a chamber that holds Oozaru within it, Guard:”I hope you enjoy your stay, Thank You and Goodbye” he leaves, Gohan looks at Oozaru’s chamber and sees the huge gorilla sleeping, he walks away and lays on his bed to fall asleep.

Oozaru breaks out of his chamber, he sneaks up on Sleeping Gohan and punches Him

Gohan screams as he wakes up from his nightmare, he hears a noise and get’s up. He runs around the corner to see a short person in a black cloak is there trying to figure out the combination to Oozaru’s chamber, Gohan:”Who the hell are you?”Gohan runs after him but he Teleports behind Gohan, he turns around and see’s The Cloaked Figure running through the door, Gohan:”Hey! Come back here!” Gohan runs after The Cloaked Figure, The Figure's hands reach and unveil his hood, beneath the hood he looks like a younger version of Gohan , Gohan:”What?” then The Cloaked Figure put’s his hand’s in a KameHameHa position,Cloaked Figure:”KAME-HAME-HA!!!!” Gohan jumps out of the way, after the blast is done he runs after Imposter and stops, Cloaked Figure:”Gohan Stop” Gohan:”Who are you?” Within a puff of smoke his true form is revealed to be a tall man about the age of Future Trunks he has red hair and a tail, Figure:”My name is Xero, I come from the future I was trained by your father, Son Goku, I am a Neo Saiyan and I have come here to kill Oozaru, now you may be wondering Why? Well in the future Oozaru attacked and killed Goku, then vanished. A Month Later, I was taken in to finish my training with Trunks and he taught me a Demon Seal that can trap demons within The Lost Realm, which is a world between Dimensions, The Seal is Called the Ma-Ru-Kun, Soon after that Oozaru attacked again and destroyed the city. Trunks,Piccolo,You,and Tien fought Oozaru and none survived and before Trunks died he gave me this sword(holds out Trunks’ sword)I’m here to destroy Oozaru to get revenge for what he did” Gohan:”Oozaru really did all of that?” Xero:”Yes and if your wondering what a Neo Saiyan is, I’ll explain it, Neo Sayains never existed until my Grandfather was born he was a normal Saiyan boy, and one day while exploring his Fathers Lab, a chemical called Neonic Seltheric Acid was accidentally knocked over causing The Neonic Seltheric Acid to spill upon him making his tail change from a Monkey Tail to a Wolf Tail. After the accident instead of becoming Oozaru he became a Wolf Version of Oozaru, many people called the transformation Urufu, Meaning Great Wolf. A couple of years later, he met a Saiyan Women named Coros, and the 2 of them gave birth to my father, Who was the second Neo Saiyan to ever live, named Xetor, When he was older met my mother Kladoes the 2 of them gave birth to my brother and I, the third and fourth Neo Saiyans. So that’s why my tail looks like a Wolves Tail, and Why they call my race, Neo Saiyans” Gohan:”Wow that’s an amazing story! But you can’t kill Oozaru, I’m only supposed to hurt Oozaru if he escapes” Xero:”Damn! Then I’ll have to stay here with you and wait for his escape and I'll help you defeat him, alright?” Gohan:”That would be fine, it get’s lonely here by myself I’d like some company, but there's only one bed” Xero:” It’s fine I can sleep on the floor, I’ve slept on worse”  They both lay down, Gohan on the bed, and Xero on the floor.

CRASH!!! A huge noise comes from Oozaru’s chamber Gohan and Xero emerge from sleeping and jump into their fighting stances, Xero:”His chamber's about to bust” the chamber burst open and Oozaru emerges,         Oozaru:” ROAR!!!” they realize he is way too big to attack, so they run outside and notice Ki blasts coming from an unknown source and are aimed towards Oozaru, Xero and Gohan look around confused, they see Vegeta, Gohan:”Haha! Hey Vegeta!” Vegeta:”I can defeat this Damned Ape by myself go away” Vegeta flies up puts his hands in a Galick Gun position, Vegeta:”GALICK GUN!!!” a huge energy shot fires from his hands and hits Oozaru, The Ape screams in pain, he reaches out his hand which is glowing red, he fires a blast of red energy towards Vegeta, Vegeta:”GAHH!!! What the hell is happening to me?” his eyes turn red and is taken over by Oozaru Vegeta:”Prepare to Die Gohan!” Gohan:”No Vegeta! don’t let him control you!"he turns Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta turns Super Saiyan and charges at Gohan, about to punch Gohan, Xero teleports in the way interrupting Vegeta's attack, by grabbing his arm and throwing him to the ground, Oozaru shoots a blast at Xero and grabs Evil Vegeta and Teleports away. Gohan transforms back to normal, Gohan:” We’ll have to wait for them to return and I have a feeling it won’t be too long before they do,we need a place to stay” Xero:” Don’t worry I have Dino Capsules” he pulls a box full of Capsules out of his pocket and picks a capsule, he throws it, a puff of smoke appears ,when it clears a house is standing, they walk inside and go to sleep, as they await the return of Oozaru and Vegeta.

The Next Day… Gohan:”(YAWN)Hey Xero!” He looks over at the other bed but he’s gone, Gohan:”Huh? Xero?” he walks outside to find him laying on the ground with only pants on, Gohan:”Xero, What happened?” Xero:”I became Urufu” Gohan:”You mean the Great Wolf Creature?” Xero:”Yes, I’m Glad I didn’t hurt you I changed back before I Destroyed the house, you could have died” Gohan:”Well good thing I’m still alive and your okay, lets go inside and eat breakfast” Xero:”Sounds good”, they go inside,after their meal, a loud crashing sound comes from outside, Gohan:”Lets go check it out, its probably Oozaru and Vegeta”, They run outside to see Oozaru with Vegeta in his hand, Vegeta leaps down and shoots an energy wave up in the sky. The light begins his transformation into a Great Ape himself, the energy affects Gohan and Xero as well, and transform.             Vegeta Oozaru:”Hahaha!!!” Gohan Oozaru :”ROAR!!!” Urufu: “What!Haha!I can control the form of Urufu, YES!!!”, Urufu Punches Vegeta in the face. Vegeta Oozaru:”GALIC GUN!!!” the energy pierces Urufu's stomach causing him to spit out blood, Urufu screams, his fur turns silver. Vegeta Oozaru:”WHAT?!?” Super Urufu:”Thats right this is the form of Super Urufu!” Gohan Oozaru jumps in and helps by fighting Oozaru, While Super Urufu continues to fight Vegeta, the energy wave in the sky fades away and they all transform back to normal. Gohan:”KA-ME HA-ME HA!!!” the wave of energy hits Oozaru in the Stomach. Oozaru hits Xero and sends him flying through a tree and falls to the ground, Gohan:” XERO!!!” he teleports over and and picks up Xero and teleports away to master Roshi’s house, Master Roshi:” Well Hi Gohan,who’s that?” Gohan:” This is Xero he was helping me fight Oozaru” Master Roshi:” What Oozaru’s back?” Gohan:” Yeah and we need a place to stay over night” Master Rosh:” Yeah Sure you can stay here, go inside and lay your friend on the couch” Gohan:” Ok Thanks Roshi”He takes Xero inside and lays him softly on the couch, a few minutes later he awakens, Xero:” G..Gohan where are we?” Gohan:” we're at Master Roshi’s house” Xero:” Oh”, Master Roshi :” well you boy’s want to hear a story to pass the time”Gohan & Xero:” Sure!”

Master Roshi:”I’ll tell you the story of how Oozaru got traped within his chamber and in the hands of the government: Long ago,there was The Evil Demon Lord named Piccolo who attacked our planet, and was unstoppable, but one day a warrior and his disciple went after Piccolo, but the only way to defeat him was to trap him within a rice cooker with an enchantment called the Ma-Fu-Ba, but the unfortunate thing was it re-leaved all your life forms and you die. So one day when Piccolo and Oozaru were attacking, The Warrior and his disciple attacked Piccolo and Oozaru,  after Piccolo was trapped within the rice cooker, and The Warrior died from the affects of the Ma-Fu-Ba, his disciple went after Oozaru and trapped him in a chamber made out of the strongest material in the world, from then on the government watched over that training and at that time parts of Oozaru’s soul separated out through the Universe and was then on born in the bodies of the alien race known as the Saiyans. Guess who that disciple was, it was me the Great Invincible Muten Roshi”

Gohan:” Whoa! That was a cool story” Master Roshi:” well I’m off to bed goodnight” Gohan & Xero:” Goodnight to you too Master Roshi”.

The next day they leave, Gohan:” Thanks Again Master Roshi” Master Roshi:” No Problem, Come Back anytime, Unless I have a cute girl over!” Gohan and Xero fly off. They find Vegeta and Oozaru in the same spot as the day before waiting, Gohan punches Oozaru in the face, blood squirts out of his mouth. Vegeta shoots an energy wave at Gohan, he falls to the ground, Gohan:” Xero do the seal thing with your sword” Xero:”What seal? Oh yeah the Ma-Ru-Kun" he jumps up and releases the seal, Xero:”MA-RU-KUN!!!” the energy releases from the sword and  creates a hole to another dimension, another blast comes from the sword and pushes Oozaru inside the hole Oozaru:” ROAR!!!” Vegeta’s revert back to normal, Vegeta:” What? I cant believe I let him control me!” Gohan:” It’s okay Vegeta at least your okay” Vegeta:” Shut up you weak minded fool, I must train more”
He flies away, Gohan:” Lets go back to Master Roshi’s and get some rest and tomorrow we can go to find the Dragon Balls to wish back all the people who Oozaru killed, I don’t want you to leave yet Xero please stay here at least until we get the Dragon Balls" Xero:” Sure Gohan I’ll Stay and help” Gohan:” Awesome!” they fly away.

Oozaru’s gone, Vegeta went to train to become stronger, and Gohan and Xero went to Roshi’s  and are going to find the Dragon Balls. Find out more that happens in the next saga of Dragon ball Z The Unknown Adventures of Gohan!!!