Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan

Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventure Of Gohan: Nirrye The Tuffle Saga

Prologue: We see Dr. Myuu, he looks angry he beats his hand on the table in front of him.
Dr. Myuu:" Damn! Damn! Damn! They Deafeated 100, how could they beat the Ultimate Android?
I shall get my revenge with my next project, The Rebirth of Nirrye, the Greatest Tuffle
who ever lived! Rise Nirrye! Rise!" The Tuffle's eyes open, glowing red.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Xero are searching for the Mystic Dragon Balls, Gohan notices the Ball in a baseball stadium, the player is about to hit it when Gohan teleports and grabs it before the player hits it.
Gohan:" Got it!" Xero:" Now we only need 4 more" They fly away, all of the sudden Nirrye appears in front of them, Gohan:" Wha?! Who are you?" Xero:" Can we help you with something?" Nirrye just stares, then he sticks his arm foward, and bright, powerful, waves of energy flow out and attack Gohan and Xero. Xero:" What the Hell?" Nirrye:" HA! HA! HA! Fools! HA! HA! HA!" Gohan:" Who are you?" Nirrye doesn't answer just stands and laughs at thier pain,  Gohan:" KA-ME-HA-ME..." Nirrye:" What is this power?" Gohan:" HA!!!" The Kamehameha wave hits Nirrye, he is only barely damaged by the attack, Xero:" The Kamehameha didn't even phase him!" Nirrye goes in the posture of the Kamehameha. Nirrye:" KA!" Gohan:" No Way!" Nirrye:" ME!" Xero:" How does he know it?" Nirrye:" HA!" Gohan:" He learned just by watching me?" Nirrye:" ME!" Xero:" No he's gonna release it, Move! Move!" Nirrye:" HA!!!" The blast fires towards Gohan and Xero. Xero jumps out of the way, Gohan tries but is hit before he has time to escape, he is hit and knocked to the ground. Xero:" GOHAN!" He flies to the ground and checks on Gohan, Xero:" You're gonna pay!" Nirrye:" Bring it on!" Xero:" HAAAAAAAA!!!" he charges up and transforms into his Super Neo Saiyan form. Nirrye:" Big woop, your hair is bigger and spikier! What's the big deal?" Xero smiles and knees him in the stomach, causing him to ascend back, before Nirrye comes to a stop, Xero teleports and uses both hands to knock him back down, causing him to hurtle back to earths surface.  Xero:" That's what the big deal is!" Nirrye struggles, but eventually lifts his head, Nirrye:" How can changing your hair do so much?" Xero:" It wasn't just my hair, I increased my strength too!" Nirrye:" What is this power? Is it attainable by tuffles?" Xero:" No, Have to be a type of Saiyan" Nirrye:" Damn it!" He looks around and sees Gohan laying on the ground, he coverts to liquid goo and jumps on Gohan, Xero:" What the hell are you doing?" Gohan's hair turns white and his eyes red. Nirrye Gohan:" Yes! This Saiyan Power is perfect!" Xero:" Get the hell outta Gohan's Body!" Nirrye Gohan:" Never! HAAA!!!" He charges up into a Super Saiyan, Xero:" You give up Gohan's body now!" Nirrye Gohan:" Now, Why would I do that?" He puts his hands on his forehead one on top of the other, Nirrye Gohan:" Masenko HA!!!" The blast fires but Xero tosses it out of his way, with his hand, Xero:" You're gonna have to do better than that!" Nirrye Gohan:" Exactly what was on my mind too" He sends an energy blast into the sky and transforms into an Ape. Xero:" Wha--? Why am I not transforming?" He notices his tail is gone, Nirrye Ape:" Looking for this?" he holds out Xero's tail in his hand. Xero:" What? He must have done it when I wasn't looking somehow, or he's just really fast" The ape throws a punch at Xero, but he dodges it. Xero:" How do I defeat this thing?" He notices the tail. Xero:" The Tail! I have to cut the tail!" He flies as fast as he can to get behind the ape, but Nirrye's head spins all the way behind and sees Xero, he opens his mouth and a blast fires out, Xero jumps out of the way and the blast hits and destroys a boulder. Xero Teleports infront of the ape, he shoots another blast from his mouth, Xero Teleports behind the ape, grabs his sword, and with one slice, the tail is off. Nirrye converts back to normal, and on the ground lies Nirrye and Gohan, Gohan is naked and Nirrye is back to normal, the Tuffle stands up, Gohan peeks his eyes open, Gohan:" XERO! I NEED CLOTHES!"
Xero:" HOLD ON I HAVE SOME IN OUR BAG!" he reaches into the bag and throws Gohan a pair. Xero:" GOHAN CATCH!" Still laying on the ground bare naked Gohan cathes the pair of clothes with one hand. Nirrye
stands there in anger, both of his hand fill with red energy blast he shoots them at Xero repeatedly. Over by a boulder, Gohan now putting on his Gi, with his pants already on, he straps it and jumps in to fight, he punches Nirrye in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground, the smoke where Xero was standing fades away, and Xero is standing there unharmed. Gohan:" Thanks for saving me from this monster, Xero" Xero:" No Prob!" Nirrye, still laying on the ground, Teleports and appears behind them both, Xero:" What?" Gohan:" Huh?"
They turn around and are greeted with a series of blast, Nirrye stops,out of breath, the smoke clears, and they are fine. Nirrye:" NO! This is insane! I am going to kill you all! HAAA!!!" He starts to bloat up,
Gohan:" I've seen this before Cell did it, its what made my father die, he sacrificed himself for earth" Xero:" What do we do?" Gohan:" Well we have the Ma-Ru-Kun" Xero:" Thats a demon seal" Gohan:" it's worth
a shot!" Xero:" Okay!" Gohan:" HEY, UGLY DUDE!" Nirrye:" WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?" Gohan:" Bring it on! Explode!" Xero:" MA!" The portal appears, Xero:" RU!" Nirrye:" Are you mocking me you little monkey!?!"      Xero:" KUN!" The beams of light push Nirrye into the portal, Nirrye:" NO!!!" Xero seals the portal and everything is back to normal, Gohan:" It Worked!" Xero:" Surprisingly!" Gohan:" Come on, we got to find those Dragon Balls, remember what the Black Dragon said that 2 warrior will be here in a couple years we have to find those Dragon Balls!"

And so the Dragon Ball hunt continues, Find out what happens next time on
Dragonball Z: The Unknown Adventures of Gohan!