Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan

Dragonball Z The Unknown Adventures Of Gohan: Characters

Gohan:Son of Goku, half human half Saiyan, he wants to grow up and be a fighter like his father, but his mom wants him to be a great scholar, his transformations include Oozaru, Super Saiyan, Ascended Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan 2

Xero: a hero who's part of the alien race called Neo Saiyans, he was trained by Goku, but when Goku was killed by Oozaru, he finished his training with Trunks, when he got older he wanted revenge on Oozaru so he headed to the past to kill Oozaru, in his sleep, that's when he met Gohan, Xero has many abilities he can shape shift, he knows the demon seal known as the Ma-Ru-Kun, he is a master swordsmen, when it's the full moon he becomes a giant wolf like creature known as Urufu, and his special transformation is to become a Super Neo Saiyan.

 Vegeta:He is the prince of all Saiyan, and his dream is to become stronger than Goku, or Kakorott as Vegeta knows him as, his transformations are, Oozaru, Super Saiyan, and Ascended Super Saiyan

Oozaru:He is an ape like creature, who is a demon God,long ago he worked with Piccolo, but once Piccolo became trapped by the Ma-Fu-Ba,the evil demon seal stronger than the Ma-Ru-Kun, The Ape went on a rampage and almost destoryed everything, when a powerful warrior, trapped him within a chamber, and it remained that way for years

Piccolo:He is part of an alien race known as the Namekians, long ago his father was evil and known as the Demon King Piccolo, and was put to an end by Goku, his father spit up an egg before he died and Piccolo was born, at first he was Goku's worst enemy, but after the defeat of the Saiyans, Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa, they became friends

Goku:He is not really in the stories because he is dead, but is mentioned a couple of times,he is pure hearted and is a great warrior who was born on the planet Vegeta, he has fought many Foes, such as Piccolo,Vegeta,Raditz,Nappa,Frieza,and Cell, he dies in the Cell Games Saga by Teleporting Cell, who was a bout to explode the planet, to King Kai's world and, then Cell explodes, and Goku is Killed, his transformations are the same as Vegeta's, Oozaru, Super Saiyan, and Ascended Super Saiyan

Trunks:Has not appeared in our stories yet but has been mentioned once, in Xero's Flash back, he is the son of Vegeta,and is a great warrior, he is half human half saiyan,like Gohan,he is also the second person to take the role at training Xero,his transformations are the same as Goku and Vegeta

Krillin:he is not a saiyan like Goku, he is a human,and is a great warrior,he is married to android 18, who he wished to have no bomb within, with the dragonballs, he's short but tough, he can not transform, his biggest attack is the destructo disc

Android 18:like Krillin she has not been mentioned yet but her and Krillin will appear in one of the stories soon, she was an android created by Dr.Gero, her brother is android 17, she got the bomb within wished outta her by Krillin,with the power of the dragon balls, she may be a girl but she's tough


Yamcha:He, like Krillin, is a human only, but a powerful fighter, he will make an appearance in the Android 100 saga, he started off as a desert bandit, but soon became a friend of Goku's, his most known attack is his wolf fang fist, which he used several times in Dragonball and Dragonball Z, he can not transform just like Krillin

Master Roshi: Also known as either Kame Sennin(Turtle Hermit),or Muten Roshi, he is a perverted old man who cant stop thinking about women for 1 second, he  trained, Goku,Krillin, Yamcha,Gyu Mao(Ox King), and Grandpa Gohan.

Bulma:she is a blue haired women, who is smart and started off as a 16 year old girl who was searching for the dragon balls so she could wish for the perfect Boyfriend,she had a child with Vegeta, named Trunks

Zaiko:He is a demon king who escaped from his Dimension, by crawling out of a portal created by the Ma-ru-kun, that Xero sealed Oozaru inside of, he first is a gold blob, but when he gets to Goku's house and see's a picture of Super Saiyan Goku, he scans it and becomes a black haired black eyed version of Super Saiyan Goku, he is more powerful than Oozaru, he has the power to bring the dead to life, the person he brings to life is Broly, he also has the ability to make demons out of anything around him

Android 100:He is an android created by Dr.Myuu, a robot replica of Vegeta, and is the most powerful android ever, even stronger than 17,he can do any attack any of the Z warriors have ever been able to do, and is even stronger than Goku himself

Nirrye The Tuffle:He is the first Tuffle Created by Dr.Myuu, and is a reborn version of the once Tuffle king, he was created before the project of Baby ever started,his mission is to kill Gohan and Xero, to get revenge on them for defeating Android 100.

Zike:He is an evil clone of Goku, and knows all of his moves, Xero and Gohan go to the future to kill him, after Zin(Xero's Brother)goes to the past to seek the help of Xero!

Tyuring:An Evil warrior born from the Mystic Dragonballs.

Jeegun:Also born from the Mystic Dragonballs.

Urufu: it is the great transformation of the Neo Saiyans like Xero!

Zin:He is the Brother of Xero, he was trained by Vegeta but later was switched to being trained by Gohan, and is stubborn like Vegeta too, his attacks include Galic Gun,Final Flash, and Masenko Ha!!!

Tai:He is one of the future Z warriors he is the offspring of Piccolo, he was trained by his father so he knows all attacks Piccolo knows such as special beam cannon, masenko, and many more!!! 

Dende: he is the guardian of the earth, he took that title after Kami-Sama died.

Mr.Popo:he is the guardian's assistant.

Serori: He is a saiyan, who years ago worked for Frieza, and hated his planet and race wanting to destroy Planet Vegeta, after Frieza caused the destruction, he wanted to become stronger and went off to train, he came back and found out Frieza was injured by a Saiyan named Kakkarot, so he went planet to planet searching for him, he finally gave up and went to 1 of Frieza's Henchman, Portachu, who surprisingly survived after leaving planet Namek scared of Goku and the other warriors, the gaurd told Serori that Frieza was killed by Trunks, which Serori now wants to kill, so he goes to earth to find Trunks.

Juice:Member of The Thirst Three.

Watre: Member of The Thirst Three.

Sodah: Member of The Thirst Three.